Why You Can’t Learn Anything On Social Media

There’s a reason I am not active on social media, and it’s this:

It’s filled with posts that sound true, and yet they say little. People write them to get likes, not to help others.

In ideas, there’s a compromise between catchiness and usefulness. Social media platforms reward catchiness. Something catchy and easy to understand gets liked. Ideas which require deeper thought don’t.

So, what happens? People post vague, feel-good statements with little insight behind them. It’s a diversion from what matters – a deeper reflection on our inner state which is an uncomfortable exercise. Social media provides an escape from this discomfort – while giving us the illusion that we are working on ourselves. We are not.

“The answer you are seeking is not outside somewhere, but within you.”

That’s an example of an empty truism which means nothing. It’s a meticulously garnished plate of word salad, totally devoid of anything profound.

This is not new. I’ve always been a practicalist in my spirituality, and I find most material on spiritualism to be practically worthless.

“What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

0% usefulness. 100% pretentious.