The Inner Zen Universe: Aphorisms

Providence will provide what a man needs, not necessarily what a man wants.

Common men live their lives by default, and never by design.

Pauseability creates the space between impulse and response, and it is within this space that a man shall find his freedom.

Because the mind will put self-preservation over happiness, emotions emanating from carefree bliss are unnatural to the soul.

The mind left unchecked is a source of tyranny, and that of a man’s destruction.

The source of a man’s happiness lies in but one thing: purposeful utility.

A young man frets over the things that he has done. An old man frets over the things that he did not do.

Hard thinking is harder than hard work by an order of magnitude.

The danger of misliving is frighteningly real, for common men mislive by default.

Be mindful of the mind, for we will be misled more by our own misconceptions than by lies told by others.

A man has two lives. The second begins when he stops living by default, and starts living deliberately.

A man’s happiness comes from the fulfillment and performance of his duties. Money, power and respect are but the byproduct of the performance of his duties, never his foremost intent.

Mastery over self comes in two levels; one, the control of one’s thoughts, and two, the control over the reaction triggered by one’s thoughts.

Voidness is the prerequisite for inspiration.

Doing the right things consistent to your authentic purpose bends the fabric of the universe to your will.

Wisdom is often drowned by rituals and mysticism. Truth doesn’t have, or need gatekeepers. Every man can be spiritual without having beliefs.

When it comes to knowledge, being one mile deep and one inch wide is preferable to being one inch deep and one mile wide. If you can only master one thing in your life, what will that be?