ZenActivator & X-Effect

Your willpower is like a muscle. It gets stronger as you exercise it!

The X-Effect is the tool to muster your willpower to build any habit you want. Here, I’ll show you how to use it to build your daily ZenActivator routine.

Step 1: Choose a habit.

The habit has got to be specific. Here are some examples:

Beginner: “Meditate with the Rapid Charger once every morning.”

Intermediate: “Meditate with one ZenActivator track every day before the morning shower.”

Expert: “Meditate with the Rapid Charger upon waking up and three Activator tracks during the day.”

Custom: “Play the Focus Activator track before starting work every morning.” Or, “Use the Energy Activator after lunch every day to prevent the slump.”

Step 2: Print the X-Effect Grid.

Download the X-Effect Grid and print it. JPG | PDF

Each box represents one day. Cross it off when you have performed the habit for the day.

This grid will last you for 14 days. There’s an idea that 49 days is the time when one forms a new habit, and so a 7×7 grid should be used instead.

Many ZenActivator practitioners get faster results, and you should, too. You can always use another 2×7 grid if you need to.

Step 3: Use the Grid.

Record your progress with simple “X” or “O”. After a few days, you’ll see your “X”s and feel great. You won’t want to stop!

Here’s one important thing to remember. Everyone messes up, and don’t dwell on your “O”s too much. Start again afresh the next day and get your new string of “X”s.

Stick the Grid where you can see it – it’s a great motivator!