Wisdom From Kapil Gupta

Photo by Dallas Reedy

Came across this gem of an insight from Kapil Gupta on Twitter (edited for continuity):

Man is ensnared by the tentacles of society.

Spirituality, religion, politics, social groups are strobe lights that capture his attention.

Like an insect to a flame he goes, entirely unaware that he has squandered his life, and his one and only shot:

At True Freedom.

A man has but two paths in life. The first is one of utility and fulfillment, leading to happiness. The second is the path of mediocrity and squandered potential, leading to despair.

And because he is distracted due to the flawed nature of his mind, the second path will be his default. Not unless he overrides his mind and forces himself to take the first (despite being drawn unconsciously to the second).