Random Thoughts I

I. Do You Solve The Same Problems Each Day?

As humans, we thrive when we solve different problems.

If we are stuck at solving the same problem again and again, we stop growing.

The former is what characterizes the Deliberate Mode: where one would pursue his Life’s Task to solve a small number of difficult problems. (Many dedicate their lives to solve only one.)

The latter is what characterizes the Default Mode (or, autopilot living): where one would perform the same chore again and again, and paid by someone who is unwilling to do the job.

Entrepreneurship belongs to the former, while working a day job belongs to the latter.

II. Consensus vs Right/Wrong

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to negotiate and get consensus instead of merely stating the truth, you’re in the wrong crowd.

Agreements are nebulous because humans change their minds all the time. The truth is the truth.

III. Self-help In One Statement

There are two types of actions that we can choose to take.

Actions which yield long-term benefits often give minimal instantaneous feedback [A]. The reverse is also true; actions which give instantaneous results often will taper off on a longer time frame [B].

Results-wise, [A] lags in the short-term but over-performs [B] in the long-term. Reason? The compounding effect.

Self-help can be reduced into one simple statement: choosing to invest time, energy and attention to [A].