Photo by Zan Azahiro

In my reading of the Tao Te Ching today (Sam Torode’s translation – my favorite) –

Over-concern is just as harmful as disregard.

Lao Tzu

I think over-concern is more damaging than disregard – because we are more wired psychologically to fret over anything that even remotely threatening; the brain is programmed to sniff out the possibility of trouble. So, guarding the mind against over-concern is important – and it doesn’t come automatically for most people (certainly not for me).

A good contemporary reminder from a book written more than 2,400 years ago!

Re-reading the Tao Te Ching makes me feel as if I am reading a new book. Every time I open up the book, I find something new – a related experience or life lesson from a recent event which is still fresh in my mind.

This brings to mind this excellent quote:

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”


Life is too short for bad, or even “moderately good” books. Some books are worth reading again and again. Most, unfortunately, are not.