“Fuck You” Money & Freedom

Photo by Gwendal Cottin

Here’s the one thing that makes you free:


That’s our shorthand for “Fuck You” money.

What’s “Fuck You” money?

It’s the money that you have when you can say “fuck you” to anyone who wants to pay you to do work for them. When you have FU$, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to do.

The only reason a man will want to work for another man is because of insecurity. Otherwise, why would any man spends the best chunk of his day (nine to five) of the best years of your life toiling to make another man rich? It makes no sense at all.

Here’s an added benefit of having FU$:

You get to speak your mind without giving a fuck.

The world is getting dangerous for independent-minded people. There’s a lot of crap that people tolerate because speaking up creates repercussions. People lose their jobs for saying things that some sensitive people deem as “inappropriate” or “offensive”.

If your livelihood doesn’t depend on your popularity or reputation, then guess what? You can say whatever hell you want. And that’s pretty liberating for a man.

How to make “Fuck You” money? It’s fucking hard, I’ll kid you not – and yet it’s 100% doable. Read this essay.