Everyone Is In Their Own Private Wars

Photo by Joshua Earle

I used to think that among my friends, I was the only one who was suffering from tremendous hardships – money, health, relationships – you name it.

Boy, was I wrong.

It did take me some time to realize this –

Everyone is in their own private wars.

Everyone is wrestling with something.

Knowing this feels liberating.

The person who was rude to me might just be having a bad day. Maybe he had been told off by his boss. Or may not have slept well the night before. Or worse, received a call from the hospital.

Sometimes I can be rude to people around me, too. Unintentionally, of course.

Just as I’d like people to understand me, I’d also want to understand people more.

I do believe that humans do not want to be intentionally rude or hurtful to others. It’s just not in our nature.

Humans are fundamentally good.

Understanding this will make it easier for us to live our lives. Why? Because life shouldn’t be spent holding grudges against other people.

Sometimes, however, I react quickly when I feel wronged by someone. And usually, I regret having reacted in a way that I shouldn’t have.

For this reason, I have learnt how to Pause, how to be still, how to stop my impulses, so that I never do or say things that I should never do or say.